Information of Interest

Conversations With Caesar

This is an astounding story of the life, death and ascension of Julius Caesar. In his own words, Caesar describes his mission, and the reasons for his failure. After his assassination, Caesar found himself in what he calls the Bardo.  Perhaps christians might call this purgatory.  Travel with Caesar and discover what it is like on the other side and the frustration and pain of not being allowed to go to the light. Aurelia, his mother, Cornelia, his wife, Octavian/Augustus Caesar and Brutus give riveting accounts of life on the other side and what it was like to live in the glory days of Rome.

Caesars Daughter

A beautiful novel created from memory and interviewing the individuals on the other side that came to Earth with Julius Caesar. Twin souls, Julia and Flavius came as part of the mission to make way for the birth of Christ by helping to bring in a Roman Peace. Caesar killed Flavius and spirit had to call forth another to bring forth the Pax Romana: you know him as Augustus Caesar. If you are interested in Roman history, you must order this book.

Viva Papa

Our beloved Holy Father has not forgotten the people of the world.  He explains why he was born when he came and why he had to stay as long as he did. There are changes coming to Earth he tells us.  Our scientists call this global warming, but Pope John Paul II describes this as the beginning of our spiritual evolution as the energy comes from the center of the cosmos. This is a must read book of anyone who is interested in Earth changes and how to prepare for them.

Under Grace

This is my story.  I lost a child and in that loss found that my son and I had made a commitment to work together: one on this side and one on the other.  My son opens up askashic records for me to read, helps me get into the stream of time to interview people from the past, and is my guide. I have found that love never dies and we have done this work over many lifetimes.

Chaos Before Creation

Masters such as Jesus, Mother Mary, St. Germain along with entertainers such as Fred Astaire, Marilyn Monroe and people from history such as Joan of Arc, Queen Guinevere, a total of thirteen come to discuss every aspect of healing.  Their work covers healing of trauma from past lifetimes. This prepares the body for ascension.